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Jail Visitation Rules



It shall be the policy of the Jackson County Jail to encourage inmates to maintain open communication with their families and friends through regular visitation.  Visitation is scheduled to allow access at a minimum of once per week, and a maximum of 3 visits in a 7 day period limited only by staff availability and visitation facilities availability in the Jackson County Jail. 


Detention facilities are often seen as an intimidating and confusing environment to members of the visiting public. The reception clerks are often the first point of contact between the visitors and the Jackson County Jail. Therefore, it is important that jail staff attempt to be courteous and respectful to all visitors at all times. However, in the event a visitor should have a complaint about the Jail and/or its staff, they should be referred to the on duty Watch Commander to be addressed. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Watch Commander, the visitor should be informed of procedures to file a formal complaint.


Minor Child — Anyone under the age of 17.

Visitors — Family and friends of an inmate.

Other Visitor — Attorneys, county employees, employees of other law enforcement agencies, court personnel, clergymen, media representatives, and staff from other legitimate community agencies.

Contact Visitation — Visitation that allows the inmate to have contact with the visitor. These types of visits will be limited to individuals with a legal purpose such as law enforcement, and/or probation/parole officials and can take place in interview rooms or visitation stations.

Non-Contact Visitation — Visitation that does not allow for any type of physical contact. These types of visits are for the attorneys, general public, clergy, paraprofessionals (private investigators, paralegal, etc) and take place only in the visitation stations.

Quick-Connect - A unscheduled visitation that occurs when unforeseen events happen such as death, out of state visitor or other unforeseen events.

I. General procedures

A. Location

The Jackson County Jail is located at 555 General Jackson Dr Jefferson, Georgia and provides sufficient parking for its visitor’s and staff.

B. Visitor Registration

1. Upon arrival at the Jackson County Jail, visitors will check in at the reception desk and all visitors age 16 and above shall present proper photo identification. The following are acceptable forms of identification:

a. State issued identification card

b. Military identification card

c. Passport

d. Any other form(s) of identification approved by the Watch Commander

2. The reception clerk will check in each visitor and confirm the name, address, relationship to inmate, name of the inmate to be visited, date and time in and out of the visitor. The reception clerk will make contact with the Tower Control Officer and notify the inmate’s name and type of visitor (law enforcement, attorney, family, etc.). The Tower Control Officer will notify the ISO assigned to the housing unit and the reception clerk will direct the visitor to the appropriate visitation area and station.

Note: Visitors will not be allowed to visit without proper identification.

Note: All Cell Phones are absolutely prohibited in the visitation area.  Violation of this rule may result in loss of visitation privileges.

C. Visitation Procedures

1. A visitation schedule and general visitation procedures and information will be displayed in the jail lobby through digital signage capabilities. These procedures are also printed in the inmate handbook and inmates should make themselves aware of these rules. All visitors and inmates will be required to adhere to the following regulations at the all times during visitation. Small children under the age of (6) six that is the children of the inmate may also be included in the visit.

2. A copy of a visitation schedule will be printed at the beginning of each shift by the front jail lobby clerk and distributed to the watch commander, housing Corporal, Classification, and both tower control officers.

3. A maximum of two adult visitors will be permitted to visit an inmate at any one time. Visits with inmates are limited to (3) 25 minute visit in a 7 day calendar week, unless otherwise approved by the Watch Commander or his/her designee.

4. Visitors will not be allowed to take any items back with them to the visitation stations. All visitors will be instructed to leave all of their personal belongings with members of their party not visiting, or in their vehicles. Jail staff will not assume responsibility for any property or personal belongings of visitors.

5.Visitors must be appropriately dressed in order to visit with an inmate of this facility. Clothing of a revealing nature such as tank tops, halter tops, short skirts and shorts, swim wear, see through clothing, sleep wear, or any other clothing deemed unacceptable will not be permitted. Final authority rests with the Watch Commander as to what is determined to be appropriate.

6.All visitors and inmates will be required to display appropriate behavior during their visitation. Visitors who appear to be under the influence of intoxicants or conduct themselves in an unruly manner will not be permitted to visit.

7.Children under the age of 17 will be required to be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while in the Jail. If, in the event a child becomes unruly, the parent / guardian will be required to remove the child from the visitation area until appropriate behavior is again displayed. Jail staff will not be permitted to supervise children under any circumstances.

8.Visitors will be required to submit to a search of their person and their belongings by Jail staff if warranted. Searches may be conducted by electronic devices, physical pat down, or a combination thereof. Failure or refusal to submit to this procedure will result in a denial of visitation. Any incident involving denial of visitation will be noted on the visitation log and the Watch Commander will be notified.

9.The visitation stations will be checked by a member of the Jail staff before and after each visit (both visitor and inmate booths). Any damage found will be reported to the Watch Commander and criminal and/or disciplinary action may be taken.

10. Upon the assignment of an inmate to the housing unit, the classification unit will assign the initial visitation to the inmate once the proper visitor information is received.  No visit will be scheduled less than 24 hours in advance.

11. Once the initial visit is completed with the inmate, all subsequent visits will be scheduled by jail lobby personnel as prescribed in the above visitation schedule.

12. Inmates that wish to add a visitor to the list shall first submit the request to the classification unit.  Only (1) addition may be added per month being submitted on the last Sunday of each month.  Once a new visitor is added, the old visitor will be taken off.

13. Visitor(s) that wish to visit and inmate that is not on the inmate visitation list shall make their request to the classification unit.


A. Professional

Professional visitors are considered to be those that have a legal purpose to visit with an inmate such as Law Enforcement Officials, and Probation/Parole Officers and are allowed to have contact visits, if necessary. All Professional visitors will be required to show appropriate credentials and are subject to the same search procedures as other visitors (legal materials are subject to be searched but are not to be read by Jail staff).

B. Media

Members of the media will be required to coordinate any interviews or visit(s) with inmate(s) only through the Sheriff’ or Major.

C. Other Visitors

Clergy may visit inmates at any time during normal visitation hours, but are encouraged to make prior arrangements. Members of the clergy are required to present their Identification d before visitation will be permitted. First time Clergy visitors will be required to show proof of ordination.

Attorney visitation will occur in the attorney visitation booths located in the Jail Lobby reception area and are considered non-contact. Contact visits for trial preparation may be approved by the Watch Commander.

Members of other legitimate community organizations will be required to register with the Reception desk and are subject to the above outlined procedures in “General Procedures.”

Note: Other Visitors (excluding Professional Visitors) are considered non-contact visits unless otherwise approved by the Watch Commander.


Occasionally, it may be necessary for an inmate to be allowed special visitation that does not occur during the normal scheduled time frames. The following is a list of situations in which special visitation is allowed through a Quick Connect Option:  however, the decision ultimately rests with the Watch Commander:

a. Out of State Visitors

Visitors from states other than Georgia will be allowed to visit outside the normal schedule only if it does not conflict with the inmates regularly scheduled activities. Visits will be limited to a maximum time of 25 minutes and proof of residency must be provided (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.). It is preferred that out of state visitors make prior arrangements with the Jackson County Jail before visiting to ensure that a time slot is available so that delays in visitation do not occur.

b. Emergencies

In the event of a death of an inmate’s immediate family member, extended or special visitation will be granted but all visitation rules outlined previously will apply.

c. Multiple Family Member Incarceration

The Jackson County Jail will attempt to accommodate visitors who wish to visit with two or more immediately family members incarcerated in the facility. In this situation, special visitation arrangements should be made in advance and are contingent upon approval of the Watch Commander.


Inmates that are under formal disciplinary proceedings may be denied visitation until such restrictions have been terminated. At the same time, violation of the visitation rules and regulations outlined in this policy by visitors may result in loss of visitation privileges for a period of time to be determined by the Jail Commander or designee.


In the event of an emergency (riot, major disturbance, fire, etc.) all visitors are to cooperate with Jail staff to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation from the affected area(s). Visitation may be postponed or delayed until the emergency condition is safely resolved.

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