Minor Child

Anyone under the age of 17.


Family and friends of an inmate.

Other Visitor

Attorneys, county employees, employees of other law enforcement agencies, court personnel, clergymen, media representatives, and staff from other legitimate community agencies.

Contact Visitation

Visitation that allows the inmate to have contact with the visitor. These types of visits will be limited to individuals with a legal purpose such as law enforcement, and/or probation/parole officials and can take place in interview rooms or visitation stations.

Non-Contact Visitation

Visitation that does not allow for any type of physical contact. These types of visits are for the attorneys, general public, clergy, paraprofessionals (private investigators, paralegal, etc) and take place only in the visitation stations.


A unscheduled visitation that occurs when unforeseen events happen such as death, out of state visitor or other unforeseen events.