Other Visitors

A. Professional

Professional visitors are considered to be those that have a legal purpose to visit with an inmate such as Law Enforcement Officials, and Probation/Parole Officers and are allowed to have contact visits, if necessary. All Professional visitors will be required to show appropriate credentials and are subject to the same search procedures as other visitors (legal materials are subject to be searched but are not to be read by Jail staff).

B. Media

Members of the media will be required to coordinate any interviews or visit(s) with inmate(s) only through the Sheriff' or Major.

C. Other Visitors

Clergy may visit inmates at any time during normal visitation hours, but are encouraged to make prior arrangements. Members of the clergy are required to present their Identification d before visitation will be permitted. First time Clergy visitors will be required to show proof of ordination.

Attorney visitation will occur in the attorney visitation booths located in the Jail Lobby reception area and are considered non-contact. Contact visits for trial preparation may be approved by the Watch Commander.

Members of other legitimate community organizations will be required to register with the Reception desk and are subject to the above outlined procedures in "General Procedures."

Note: Other Visitors (excluding Professional Visitors) are considered non-contact visits unless otherwise approved by the Watch Commander.