Special Visits

Occasionally, it may be necessary for an inmate to be allowed special visitation that does not occur during the normal scheduled time frames. The following is a list of situations in which special visitation is allowed through a Quick Connect Option:  however, the decision ultimately rests with the Watch Commander:

a. Out of State Visitors

Visitors from states other than Georgia will be allowed to visit outside the normal schedule only if it does not conflict with the inmates regularly scheduled activities. Visits will be limited to a maximum time of 25 minutes and proof of residency must be provided (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.). It is preferred that out of state visitors make prior arrangements with the Jackson County Jail before visiting to ensure that a time slot is available so that delays in visitation do not occur.

b. Emergencies

In the event of a death of an inmate’s immediate family member, extended or special visitation will be granted but all visitation rules outlined previously will apply.

c. Multiple Family Member Incarceration

The Jackson County Jail will attempt to accommodate visitors who wish to visit with two or more immediately family members incarcerated in the facility. In this situation, special visitation arrangements should be made in advance and are contingent upon approval of the Watch Commander.