Inmate Bonding Procedure

Different Type of Bonds

Cash Bond

A Cash Bond may be posted for the amount of a person's bond, "example" if the bond is $500 dollars, then you may post $500 dollars in cash. The cash will be returned to you at the conclusion of the criminal trial or plea.

Property Bond

A Property Bond may be posted by person's who own property in Jackson County. You must have a Deed of Current Tax Statement, showing Statement and Value of the property. The property must be valued at twice the bond amount. For example: $10,000 Bond Value must have a $20,000 Property Value.

Professional Bondsman

A Professional Bondsman list approved by the Sheriff is posted in the booking area of the Jackson County Jail. These companies usually charge 10% to 12% to sign the bonds that is non refundable. the Sheriff's Office will not recommend one bonding company over another.

Approved Bonding Companies for Jackson County Jail

Double O Bonding Classic City Bonding

1938 Lexington Road
P.O. Box 81686
Athens, GA 30605

Phone Number: 706-353-6467
Fax Number: 706-353-6411

Classic City Bonding

P.O. Box 81686
Athens, GA 30608

Phone Number: 706-354-8655
Fax Number: 706-207-4732

All American Bail Bonds LLC

152 West May Street
Winder, GA 30680

Phone Number: 678-425-9387